David and everyone, this is a reminder that 
Eastern Screech-Owls are starting to breed now, 
so the use of a tape in this season will be very 
disruptive for them. We frequently have the 
Screech-Owl that nests in our yard on eggs by the middle of March.

Bev Hansen
Spring Hill, FL
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At 02:43 AM 3/1/2007, David Laliberte wrote:

>   Tonight I did my first attempt at night 
> photography  Eastern Screech-Owls.  Walked 
> Brandy our Chow Chow about 11p.m. Wednesday day 
> night in our neighborhood  I live near 
> BoydHill Nature Preserve.  I carried along my 
> palm pilot with the recordings of Eastern 
> Screech-Owls and Chucks-Will-Widows to search 
> for these two species.  I did not hear a peep 
> out of the Chucks but found several territorial 
> screech owls in the vicinity.  There were about 
> four different pairs of EASOs. One of the pairs 
> was in our front yard. They were very 
> responsive to the recording and allowed me to 
> get a couple of decent shots of them.  Of 
> course I took about 44 shots just to get a 
> couple of half way decent images.  Here is the 
> link to view four of the images that I took:

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