Grads and undergrads will be presenting their research from diverse
disciplines.  There will also be Benton Engineering Council members there to
discuss the process of applying for grad school and answering any questions.
If you are thinking about graduate school or just want to know what is going
on in research on campus, come check it out!

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Location: Reitz Union 2nd Floor Lobby, Reitz Union Auditorium, Reitz Union
Grand Ballroom, Reitz Union Meeting Room 

Organization: Graduate Student Council, more
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Event Type: Conference/Forum, more like
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Description: The Spring 2007 Graduate Student Council Forum will be held
Wednesday April 4, 2007 at the J.W. Reitz Union. All University of Florida
students are encouraged to submit proposals for poster or panel sessions.
The official deadline is Thursday, March 1, but proposals may be submitted
after that date. 

In the past, the Forum has been a multidisciplinary symposium where
University of Florida graduate and professional students share their
research with the university community. This year, the Forum will continue
that mission while it seeks to incorporate even more student voices by
opening up the forum to literary and creative arts panels as well as
sponsored undergraduate presenters. The multidisciplinary nature of the
Forum sets this symposium apart from similar events as it seeks to draw
together a diverse population of undergraduate, graduate and professional
students and stimulate the exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries.
This year's inclusion of undergraduate research will afford undergraduate
students the opportunity to see research-in-progress that is done in the
different disciplines. It will allow graduate students the opportunity to
mentor undergraduates in their explanations of their own work and through
possible sponsorship of undergraduate presentations. Current information
about GSC's forum can be found at In order to see
information, you will need to register and join the GSC group. Forum
information can be found under discussions.