Agriculture and climate change: The impact of nitrous oxide and methane
Farmers Guardian, UK, 20 April, 2007

"Agriculture has been, at times reluctantly, thrust to the front of the
climate change debate. In a series of four articles, David Burrows looks
at the impact of agriculture on our climate and the solutions to
mitigate it. He begins with a focus on methane and nitrous oxide 
potent greenhouse gases that we understand little about.

Farming is responsible for 46 per cent of methane and 66 per cent of
nitrous oxide emissions in the UK.

One potential solution is anaerobic digestion  using animal manures to
create biogas, which is rich in methane and can be used to generate heat
or electricity.

There are a triad of benefits: reductions in methane emissions from
stored manure; energy creation and therefore less need for fossil fuels;
and the digestate (what is left over) can be applied to land without
creating so much nitrous oxide."

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