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Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 12:15:20 +0200
From: geert lovink <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: [Air-l] program & list of new network theory (amsterdam, june
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Dear all, the full program, abstracts and biographies of the three days
New Network Theory conference in Amsterdam (June 28-30, 2007) is now
availabe online. Also a list has been opened where you can follow the
debates in preparation of the event (perhaps of interest in case you
can't make it). A poster and short version of the program on the
backside will be printed this week. There will be live bloggers and
streaming facilities (at least during the first day). With regards,

If you want to join the (temporary) discussion list on network theory,
please visit:

Thursday 28 June - Public Event

De Zwijger Warehouse grote zaal

Doors open, coffee & tea

Welcome by Geert Lovink, Richard Rogers, Jan Simons

10:30 ? 13:00
Morning session
Moderator: Richard Rogers

Siva Vaidhyanathan
Tiziana Terranova
Wendy Chun

13:00 ? 14.00

14:00 ? 15:30
Early afternoon session
Moderator: Geert Lovink

Alan Liu
Anna Munster
Martin Kearns

15:30 ? 16:00

16:00 ? 17:30
Late afternoon session

Warren Sack
Olia Lialina
Florian Cramer

Friday June 29

UvA Oude Manhuispoort (OMHP)
UvA Turfdraagsterpad

9:30 ? 9:45
Introduction by Geert Lovink, Richard Rogers and Jan Simons at UvA OMHP

9:45 - 11:30
Plenary Session at UvA OMHP
Moderator: Richard Rogers

Nosh Contractor
Valdis Krebs
Katy B?rner

11:30 ? 13:30
Parallel sessions at UvA Turfdraagsterpad/UvA OMHP

A: Network Theory
Moderator: Geert Lovink

Tincuta Parv
Marianne van den Boomen
Leslie Kavanaugh
Verena Kuni
Mirko Tobias Schaefer

B: The Link
Moderator: Richard Rogers

Iina Hellsten
Astrid Mager
Clifford Tatum & Kirsten Foot
Charli Carpenter
Leah A. Lievrouw & Lilly Nguyen

C: Locative Media
Moderator: Jan Simons

Adrian MacKenzie
Claire Roberge
Nancy Nisbet
Sophia Drakopoulou

13:30 ? 14:30

14:30 ? 16:30
Parallel sessions at UvA at Turfdraagsterpad/OMHP

A: Networks and Subjectivities

Bernhard Rieder
Michael Goddard
Konstantinos Vassiliou
Franz Beitzinger, Natascha Zowislo and J?rgen Schulz
Ulises Ali Mejias

B: Networking and Social Life

Yukari Seko
Kristoffer Gansing
Alice Verheij
Kimberly de Vries

C: Art and Info-Aesthetics

Olga Kisseleva
Wayne Clements
Jacob Lillemose
Katja Mayer
Olga Goriunova

Saturday June 30

UvA Oude Manhuispoort (OMHP)
UvA Turfdraagsterpad

10.00 ? 12.00
Parallel sessions at UvA Turfdraagsterpad/UvA OMHP

A: Actor-Network Theory and Assemblage
Moderator: Noortje Marres

Thomas Berker
Adolfo Estalella
Marijke de Valck
Betina Szkudlarek
Michael Dieter

B: Networks and Social Movements

David Garcia
Paolo Gerbaudo
Megan Boler
John Duda

C: The Global and the Local

Ramesh Srinivasan
Jana Nikuljska
Ali Mohammad Javadi
Deborah Wheeler

12:00 - 13:00

13.00 ? 15:00
Parallel sessions at UvA Turfdraagsterpad/OMHP

A: Anomalous Objects and Processes

Greg Elmer
Jussi Parikka
John Johnston
Tony Sampson

B: Networks and movements: an interdisciplinary conversation
Moderator: Mario Diani

Claudia Padovani & Elena Pavan
Giorgia Nesti & Matteo Cernison
Stefania Milan
Francesca Forno
Claudius Wageman & Manuela Caiani

C: Mobility and Organization
Moderator: Sebastian Olma

Marga van Mechelen
Jean-Paul Fourmentraux
Desiree Hoving, Gertjan de Werk, Danny Soetanto, Dirk-Jan Peet & Heleen
Robert van Boeschoten

15.30 - 17.30
Closing session conference at UvA OMHP

Noortje Marres
Matthew Fuller

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