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Dear Colleagues,
I am working with a two mode (affiliation) network data. Mode one is
projects and mode two is individuals. 
For calculation of centrality measures, I am using the measures suggested by

"Centrality in affiliation networks by Katherine Faust"
However, main hypothesis of my study deals with comparing network closure
and structural holes arguments.
I am unable to find any study which provides Burt's constraint measure for
affiliation networks. 
Does anybody know an approach to calculate constraint measure for
affiliation networks. Or is there a study which demonstrates the bias which
may result from calculating the constraint measure from unipartite
projection at the individual level.
Thanks very much for your help,

Param Vir Singh
Doctoral Student
Management Science (IS)
University of Washington Business School
University of Washington, Seattle
Phone: (206)-616-9705 Fax:(206)-543-3968

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