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I have to concur with Joshua on that one. It is more a matter of saying
- to know social networking in Toronto is to be plugged in to the facebook
network, not that Toronto is particularly significant in terms of social

Now, that notwithstanding, I'm happy that my city went with the classy
Facebook over the more tastelessly noisy MySpace.

Also, people in Toronto are very nice, but also very reluctant to be
open/friendly in public. I think that Facebook's requirement that you be a
student (at least in the early days) helped kickstart this kind of social
networking in Toronto, where people would have been more reluctant to join
an open network like MySpace. But of course, that's all speculation.

BERNiE, who's still not on facebook, but does so vicariously through his

Bernie Hogan
Research Coordinator, NetLab
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
University of Toronto

I received a message from Joshua O'Madadhain at approximately 4/23/07 12:29
PM. Above is my reply.

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> Alvin:
> Another possibility worth considering is that people in other cities
> are using other online tools rather than Facebook.  For example, Orkut
> is particularly big in Brazil (despite its origins in the US).  There
> might be some interesting analysis to be done regarding which social
> networking sites do well in various locations, but I'd be very wary of
> making general conclusions for a particular city based on its
> citizens' participation in a single site.
> Joshua O'Madadhain
> On 4/23/07, Alvin Chin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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>> Here's an interesting stat, from this blog entry
>> (
>> ebook/),
>> Toronto has the largest Facebook network, surpassing New York and
>> London, UK.  I would have thought that San Francisco or San Jose (some
>> place in Silicon Valley) would surely beat us, since they're strongly
>> into online social networking and Web 2.0, but apparently we're
>> beating them in Facebook.
>> So, what does this mean for Toronto, does this mean that we're leading
>> the pack in social networking technologies and online social
>> networking?  Does this mean, that Toronto lacks face-to-face and
>> social contact compared to other cities?  Or, does this mean that
>> Toronto forms a more cohesive and larger social network and virtual
>> community than others because due its multiculturalism.  What are some
>> factors that make this Facebook statistic?
>> It would be interesting to conduct a study analyzing Facebook in
>> Toronto and compare that with physical community in Toronto, and see
>> if due to the social fabric in Toronto, this is how the Facebook
>> network comes to be.

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