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  I am working with a large, but relatively sparse network, and trying 
to fit some ERGMs. There appears to be memory problems when using R. The 
typically error message R produces is

  "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 222757 Kb"

My understanding is that while the ERGM is running R runs out of 
virtually memory. Typically this could be solved by using a 64 bit 
machine and allowing it some time. But it also depends on R.

I was wondering if anyone knew if R and the package Statnet were written 
with 32 bit or 64 bit hardware in mind. That is, is the memory problem 
above arising because I am running R & Statnet within windows on a 32 
bit computer or because R & Statnet were written as a "32 bit program" 
ie. software versus hardware problem or both?

Thanks for the help,

Tucker McGrimmon

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