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Dear Socnet members,

A PhD student doing  research on the relationships between social
capital and local development asked me an advise for his phd reserch
project. As I have some knowledge but I'm still a beginner in SNA,
I'll (and  he'll) appreciate any possible advice on his topic:

> I'm going to analyze the social capital of the entrepreneurs in two different areas of my region.
The first is a more developed urban area, the second is a less
developed rural area. I will use the egonetwork approch to study the
"personal environment" of the entrepreneurs.
What I expect to find is that "personal environment" is different in
the two areas. In the urban area I expect to find a  bigger and more
scattered network, with more "weak ties" in comparison to the rural
area, where probably I will find more "strong ties".
Furthermore I would like to analyze the egonetwork of the
entrepreneurs trying to understand how it's composed. I would like to
compare the "economic network" (weak ties) opposite the "kinship and
friendship network" (strong ties), understanding how the entrepreneurs
use them and how they use the different contacts within the different
kind of network.
I expect to find that in the urban area the "economic network" is
different from the "kinship and friendship network"; instead in the
rural area I expect the to find the two network are likely to overlap.

>What kind of network's tool can I use to do this kind of analysis?
>And do you know some (empirically-oriented) literature about this subject?

Best regards,


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