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	I learn so much from here that I forget it can go the other way.  I 
forgot to mention that I am giving a workshop at Stanford this Saturday, 
4/7.  It is for people that have not thought about networks the way most 
of us here do, so I am teaching the idea of a relational view, 
boundaries, and identity.  I am bringing some of the ideas about 
multiplex networks, agency/structure and other things many here are 
familiar with.  I suggest ways that what we are learning here in the SNA 
community can be applied to organization, individuals, marketing, 
individuals and innovation.

	I am just coming off an intense period working with Harrison White on 
the new version of Identity and Control, but network experts might find 
this class on the basic side.

	It is at Stanford in the building right next to Mark Granovetter's and 
Mark will be coming by to be part of the workshop.  He is crazy busy, so 
this is a rare treat.  I learn something from him in almost every 

	Contact me if the price is too much of a hardship and we might work 
something out: [log in to unmask]


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