<They are posing
> questions and concerns around ability to actually comply with the 
>policy  once it is approved.  For example, here is one of the comments:

>"concerned  that we are almost certain to have a medium level 
>non-compliance...need to  ensure we are not creating a problem for 

With the new SEC rules and the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,
it is more likely that not having a solid RIM program will be more of a
detriment than having one and having some folks not completely comply.
Non-compliance can be overcome.  In addition to Peter's excellent
suggestions, I recommend putting some teeth in the policy, i.e. what is
the penalty for not complying with at least the major rules - records
destruction, records retention, confidentiality and security, records
storage requirements (for example taking records home and keeping them
in your garage instead of placing them in appropriate storage), and so
on.  I also suggest having folks sign some sort of "understanding
agreement," when they complete training or briefings, to signify they
understand the RIM rules, the reasons behind them, and the penalty for

Ginny Jones
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM, FAI)
Records Manager
Information Technology Division
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
Newport News, VA
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