Hi All,

I want to clarify the below modified portion of Tuesdays
post. For those of you who don't belong to the American
Birding Association, you may not know that many of the
members submit their life list totals each year for 
publication. People submit the number of species that they
have seen in a number of geographical areas such as the
ABA area, (USA & Canada) the Lower 48 States, each of the
US States & Canadian Provinces, & other parts of the world.

There are of course specific rules that one must adhere to.
And, you must have a minimal number of species in each of
the areas in order to report your totals.

The ABA Checklist, which is amended each year in /Birding/
magazine is the baseline that is used to determine list 
totals for areas that fall within the ABA area. The list
totals are reported at the end of January to include the
species seen through the end of the previous December. The
list totals are published in the Spring. 

The most recent list totals  published by the ABA are 
from the year 2005. The below totals are from that publi-
cation plus species that the birders said that they had
added in 2006 & so far this year. I got a call from Paul
Sykes today informing me that his Florida list total was
one less than he had told me the other day. The correct
total is now shown. Peggy Powell's list total was added
because she forgot to submit her totals last year and 
wants her list known.

There are birders who for various reasons do not choose
to submit their list totals. Some of the reasons that 
have been told to me are as follows:

1) Competition has no place in birding because:
a  It will cause people to make up birds only they see.
b  It will cause people to not share information.
c  It will cause people to claim that they found staked
   out birds even if they didn't locate them.
2) There are birds on the list that shouldn't be.
3) There are birds missing from the list.
4) I don't like so & so who's on the committee.
5) So & so isn't on the committee & should be.
6) It's my list, who is the ABA to tell me what to
   count & what not to count?
7) It's my list & nobody's business but mine.
8) Never added it up.

All of the above reasons have a degree of validity, but
I personally think that all of them are vastly out-
weighed by the positives of listing. I don't want to
take the time to list them all, but would be glad to
tell them to anyone who wishes to call me.

As far as the Florida Ornithological Society Checklist 
is concerned, what goes on that Checklist has almost no
connection to the ABA Checklist. For native birds there
is no connection at all. The minimal connection only 
pertains to exotic species. The ABA has decided to wait
until individual state & provincial committees add an
exotic species to their official checklist before they
consider voting on that species for inclusion to the
ABA Checklist. In most cases that I know of the ABA
has agreed with state & provincial committees, but not
always. The Florida Ornithological Society has added
the Black-hooded Parakeet to the official State List,
and the ABA Committee voted 5 to 2 to add it, but only
1 no vote is acceptable for inclusion.
*The top Florida life list totals using the ABA Checklist:*

First Place.......Wes Biggs       460 species with Loggerhead 
Kingbird & Cuban Emerald in escrow

Second place......Paul Sykes      449 species with Loggerhead 
Kingbird, Cuban Emerald & Bahama Yellowthroat in escrow

Third place.......Dave Goodwin    444 species with Loggerhead Kingbird 
in escrow.

Fourth place.......Bill Dowling        428 species

Fifth place........Helen Dowling       427 species

Fifth place........John Hintermister   427 species with Logerhead 
Kingbird in escrow.

Fifth place........Peggy Powell        427 species

Wes Biggs

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