Today brought some more birds in including the first
American Redstart, Black-throated Blue Warbler and a
male Painted Bunting.  Also had an Indigo Bunting and
Ovenbird.  More Prairie Warblers have arrived.  Much
to my surprise a chipping over my head turned out to
be a lone Myrtle Warbler.  A pair of Blackpoll
Warblers also crossed in front of me while banding. 
Tomoka State Park is really quite active right now. 
The wierdest thing, though, was a lone Common Loon off
the river and back towards the canals around
Helicopter Island.  It just lazily floated around and
then headed back out toward the main river.

In my 'hood, there are young crows already out and
begging for food.  I believe my cardinals lost their
brood because they are now back out at the feeders and
birdbaths at the same time, unaccompanied by any
The male is already courting the female again with
food tidbits.  I have yet to see any Carolina Wren
juveniles which does not bode well for them either.

Meret Wilson

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