On 4-15 I joined Sally and Dean Jue and John from Marianna at the Youth
Camp around 9:30 AM on a cool day with a 20-30 K NW wind.

In time we found that migrants were dropping down on the SE edge near
the marsh in the numerous Wax Myrtle and other shrubs.


Black-billed Cuckoo (1) and Yellow-billed Cuckoo (2). Common Nighthawk


Ruby-crowned Kinglets (4) and Red-eyed and White-eyed (8 of each) Vireos
and a Yellow-throated Vireo.


Cerulean Warbler 7+ including adult and immature males and females,
Blue-winged, Tennessee, Yellow, Cape May, Yellow-rumped (6),

Blackburnian, Pine, Palm (8), Blackpoll, Black and White, Prothonotary
(6), Worm-eating and Hooded Warblers plus Redstart and Yellowthroat.


Summer Tanager  (3), Rose-breasted Grosbeak (2 males), Blue Grosbeak,
Indigo Bunting (12) , Orchard Oriole, Baltimore Oriole.


Plus 3 White-rumped Sandpipers. Two were in pond before Trailer Camp on
right side and one was with Least Sandpipers in wet area near 

first "Pavilion".


The numbers are conservative and there was never a dull moment.


Jim Cavanagh


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