Flabirds- Robin Diaz noticed something interesting on the radar this
morning, and I'm just getting around to checking it out. It appears that
birds were still coming in from the Caribbean until around 12:00pm; over the
Keys, Cape Sable, and around the southwest coast. I don't have the radar
from those hours, since my animations are only until 5:00am, when I post
them. You can view them by going to the NCAR website:

Here are the settings to see the loop:
You'll need to set the date to "Today", or "4/24/07", depending on what time
you decide to run it.
Set the "end time" to 1600 (it's UTC time, so it's 4 hours ahead of Eastern
US - so 1600 = 1200 noon)
Set the duration to 5 hours. This will take you back as far as sunrise.

You can check both the base reflectivity (density) and the base velocity
(speed and direction) by choosing the appropriate "Product" button at the
top of the page.
Then click on the radar location (BYX for Key West, AMX for Miami) and wait
for the animation to load.

Based on this, I'd say that the southwest coast must have been getting new
birds throughout the morning and into the early afternoon....any reports???
If so, please post them on

Thanks to Robin for bringing this to my attention!

Good Birding


On 4/24/07, Robin Diaz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>  Heya David -- Quick question: I looked at Miami radar (10-11:30 AM) today
> (4/24) and it's bizarre. I swear it looks like birds moving up to Cape Sable
> area. If you get a chance, will you please tell me what I'm looking at?
> Thanks.
> Rbn

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