Unlike other parts of Gulf Coast Florida, Collier County doesn't  
really have any migrant traps, or at least, I haven't been able to  
find any in over 10 years of birding in this county. Sure, there are  
times when migrants are fairly numerous at certain locales i.e.  
Sugden Community Park for example. However, this afternoon, along  
with Ken Williams of Naples, we birded Pelican Bay Community Park in  
North Naples for a couple of hours and witnessed what I would  
describe as one of the best local fallouts I've ever experienced here  
in Collier County. Not that this fallout rivaled those which can be  
found at Ft. DeSoto for example, but this one was unusual in that  
there were "numbers" of certain migrants that are downright uncommon  
in SW Florida. Undoubtedly, two days of easterly winds had something  
to do with it. We had well over a dozen Black-throated Blue Warblers,  
the most I've ever seen in Collier County, as well as 15+ Blackpoll  
Warblers, another very uncommon migrant in SW Florida. Add three very  
nice Cape May Warblers + seven other migrant warbler species  
(Ovenbird, American Redstart, Prairie, Worm-eating, Northern Parula,  
Black-and white, and Palm Warblers) for a total of ten warbler  
species. We also saw a Yellow-billed Cuckoo (thanks Ken!), migrant  
Gray Catbirds (vocalizing), Brown Thrasher (vocalizing), White-eyed  
Vireo plus nest-gathering Fish Crows, territorial Northern  
Mockingbirds, etc., etc. and you have the makings of a very nice  
couple of hours of birding! Pelican Bay Community park isn't what I'd  
call a "nature" park i.e. it's much more a "people's" park, thus,  
finding migrants in these numbers just proves to me that given just a  
modicum of "habitat" and sufficient food (nectar sources and  
insects), the birds WILL come. . . . I will post a few photos of some  
of today's sightings on my Flickr account (see below).



Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL
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