Hey Everybirdy, 
  While taking Giacomo home from school in Cocoa as always  on Thursdays, I 
occasionally stop by Port St John boat ramp just south of Fay  Blvd on US 1.  
There's a little inlet type area with a grounded boat just  north of the ramp 
and you can sometimes find stuff wandering around.  Well,  today among the pair 
of Black-necked Stilts, 8-10 Least Sandpipers, 1 Western  Sandpiper, 2 
Greater Yellowlegs, 6 Ruddy Turnstones and 2 Mottled Ducks was a  FOS Pectoral 
Sandpiper.  They were all busy foraging and the Pec almost  escaped me until it 
stood upright.  It was rather small as Pecs go and  standing alone with nothing 
to compare it to, which is why initially I  didn't catch it.
  May be worth taking a peek there from time to time  should you not be able 
to make the trip up to the refuge for a shorebird  fix.
  Incidentally, while driving home along Shiloh Marsh Road  yesterday I found 
a pair of Wilson's Plovers about 1 mile or so south of Weather  Tower Road 
interesct.  Wasn't too much else as the water is up on the marsh  side, but 
there were numbers building along the lagoon side.  Scattered  mixed peeps here 
and there consisting mostly of Short-billed Dowitchers,  Semipalmated Plovers, 
Western and Least Sandpipers, Dunlin, Sanderlings and  Ruddy Turnstones, with a 
few BB Plovers.  

See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville,  Florida
_www.TJDunkerton.com_ ( 

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