This morning at the "Green Key Funnel", I counted a record high number of migrating warblers, from 6:45 to 9:00 am.

1714 warblers flew past!  This is the highest morning total for the last 7 years of counting. Of these Jim McKay and I were able to identify 439 warblers of 15 species.

125    Blackpoll
87    Palm
62    Black-throated Blue
57    Cape May
25    Common Yellowthroat
25    Northern Parula
25    Black-and-white
10    American Redstart
10    Prairie
7    Ovenbird
2    Prothonotary
1    Northern waterthrush
1    Yellow-throated
1    Worm-eating
1    Magnolia   

Other migrants noted;

39    Bobolink
32    Gray Catbird
4    Yellow-billed Cuckoo
2    Baltimore Oriole
1    Veery
1    Merlin

This record flight of migrants was again the result of steady east winds all night. 

Ken Tracey
New Port Richey

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