This morning was a blast at the Green Key Funnel. Warblers flying by in great numbers. A good east wind all night was the reason.

From 6:50am to 8:40am,  974 warblers were counted, list of identifed;

57   Palm
49    Blackpoll
24    Common Yellowthroat
18    Prairie
15    Cape may
11    Black-throated Blue
6    Ovenbird
5    American Redstart
3    Black-and-white
2    Northen Waterthrush
1    Hooded
1    Worm-eating


28    Gray Catbird
20    Bobolink
2    Yellow-billed Cuckoo
1    Scarlet Tanager
1    Baltimore Oriole
2    Eastern Kingbird

Ken Tracey
New Port Richey

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