I rushed out of the garage yesterday when I heard the call of a Short-tailed Hawk. It continued to call as I searched the sky and the woods across the street. Then I realized that our local Mockingbird which was sitting on the street light pole was doing a perfect imitation. Which brings up, where did it learn the call which I have heard just around their nests?

I was then not surprised this morning when one of the Short-tailed Hawk research team from Gainsville emailed me that he has located two active nests in New Port Richey. Both appear to have young birds in them.

The best time to get a look at our Short-tailed Hawks is now, as they are busy feeding young. Driving around the intersections of River Crossing Blvd and Starkey Blvd, or Ridge Rd and Congress should produce several sightings as these are within 1/4 mile of their nests. Both nests are on private property with no opportunity for access.

Ken Tracey
New Port Richey 

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