Steve, perhaps I was not entirely clear as to the purpose of the categories
I described in my message. 

The categories are NOT retention schedules. They are a way of easily
identifying a particular retention schedule. You could say they are a path
to the schedule.

Best regards.

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I believe in organizing records series broadly, for retention policy
purposes, and for retaining/deleting/purging purposes.  I do not believe
in "categories" of records, per se.  

I definitely DO NOT believe in fitting records into retention
categories; 1 year; 3 years; 5 years; permanent, etc.   Defeats the
purpose of retaining and deleting/purging per policy; it is a copout; it
is not necessary.  You can almost hear somebody say "OK, we are not good
at RIM, we do not have expertise, we are lazy, let's just do it this

I am a purist; don't wear the spurs unless you have something to ride!

Best regards, Steve
Steven D. Whitaker, CRM
Records Systems Manager; City of Reno

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I'm not sure that the very broad categories (personnel, equipment
history, etc.) 


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