I was out of the office Friday; started my weekend early.  Methinks I
missed a good Friday type of OT topic.

Looking out my office window I see the winter ice skating rink; public
plaza the rest of the year.  I see the Truckee River (yes, a river runs
through it), I also see Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain.

I still have my 1992 Chevy pickup of 15 years; dual exhaust, tach,
posi-trac, tranny cooler, chrome wheels, etc.  Later vehicles include a
2005 Jeep Liberty (turbo diesel), and a 2007 Pontiac G6 GT convertible
(hardtop convertible).  Next month I will uncover my Chaparral speedboat
and take it out on a lucky local lake.  I have a cargo trailer too, but
it is strictly utilitarian.  I had a number of vehicles when I was
younger that I wish I had back today.  Lots of horsepower and lots of

La musica; keep your rap and disco-I do not need it (I did like Tone
Loc).  Keep also your hip-hop.  Hip hop is what happens when you fry
frog legs in the skillet.    I listen to be-bop; boogie; swing;
western/cowboy; blues; western swing; jazz; country; 40's 50's & 60's
rock 'N roll; original soul, and original R&B.   Ray Charles, Wicked
Wilson Pickett, Chuck Berry, Etta James, and James Brown are fine by me,
god bless their collective souls.  BTW, James Brown could do more than
grunt and dance, he could sing a ballad; I have proof.  I could also
mention Merle Haggard, Ferlin Husky, Marty Robbins, Charlie Pride, Eddy
Arnold, and other favorites, but time is limited for me today.

Best regards, Steve
Steven D. Whitaker, CRM
Records Systems Manager; City of Reno

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As we all slowly move through the purple haze man, like it is you know,
man, like there is a new age dawning man, like I don't know maybe
like the 
age of Aquarius man. 

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