Fellow Members of the Records Management List:
I am very pleased to provide you with this update on MER '07, the
upcoming 2007 National Conference on Managing Electronic Records
Conference - and extend this personal invitation for you to attend. 
There is still registration space and there are plenty of excellent
hotel rooms available. 
Please find complete conference information below. 
I look forward to personally welcoming you to the MER Conference in
Chicago - in just five weeks. 
Bob Williams
Cohasset Associates, Inc 
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MER '07 Registrations at Record Rate 

Registrations to date for the 2007 National Conference on Managing
Electronic Records (MER '07) are setting records. According to
conference co-chair, Bob Williams, "this year's MER registrations are
17% ahead of our best prior year. This record registration reflects both
the very strong interest of organizations in better managing their
electronic records and the MER's long-standing reputation for an
outstanding learning experience: outstanding program content, great
networking with fellow users and a really productive format to meet with
solution providers." 
This is the 15th MER conference. It is sponsored, organized and run by
Cohasset Associates, Inc.
DATE: May 21 - 23, 2007 for the conference, May 20th for the
pre-conference tutorials. 
LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois at the Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel 
With its unique location, the MER conference offers participants easy
access to an extraordinary selection of restaurants and outstanding
specialty stores as well as nearby cultural centers for music, art and

Special Features of MER '07 

KEYNOTE ADDRESS -- A special two-part presentation by Karen Strong of
Clarity - together with an "A Team" of Compliance, Records Management,
and Technical professionals. 
Keynote - Part 1 <> : 
This interactive MER '07 Keynote introduces a framework for Enterprise
Content and Records Management (ECRM) process improvement. Karen Strong
will define the organizational processes that contribute to the
attainment of legal, operational, and technical goals. 
Every audience member will participate, through a real-time data capture
system, to demonstrate the value of knowing 'your ECRM number'. 
This first part of the MER '07 Keynote will provide you with the
information foundation for Wednesday's second part of the Keynote -
where the concepts presented in this session are applied in an
innovative and insightful case study. 
This year's two-part MER Keynote session will change the way you think
about enterprise content and records management.
Keynote - Part 2 <> : 
The Enterprise Content and Records Management (ECRM) process model
introduced in the opening Keynote session on Monday will have
established a standard approach for improving the processes that
contribute to the attainment of legal, operational, and technical goals.

In this Second part of the MER Keynote, the cross-functional
communication and collaboration necessary to accomplish your
organizational objectives and improve your ECRM number will be
The highlight of this second part of the MER Keynote will presentations
by an "A Team" of experienced industry experts detailing their roles and
the processes they used in the development of this innovative and
practical approach that will accelerate the successful management of
electronic records. 
This year's two-part MER Keynote session will change the way you think
about enterprise content and records management.


Learn from the experiences of the leaders of ERM implementation: 
*	Altria (Compliance & ERM training
<> ) 
*	Central Intelligence Agency (Managing Electronic Records: "Hurry
up and LISTEN!" <> ) 
*	ChevronTexaco (Will the Real "System of Record" Please Stand
Up?" <> ) 
*	ConocoPhillips (e-Records Holds: Preserving e-Records and ESI
<> ) 
*	National Archives of Sweden (Total Cost of Ownership
<> ) 
*	National Archives and Records Administration NARA (Searching
Techniques: The Next Contested Area in Discovery
<> ) 
*	Microsoft (The ERM functionality of Office 2007
<> ) 
*	Philip Morris International (Automatic Retention of e-Mail for
Litigation Purposes <> ) 
*	United States Patent & Trademark Office USPTO (Searching
Techniques: The Next Contested Area in Discovery
<> ) 
*	Valero Energy (Keynote Address Part 2
<> ) 


The MER '07 Conference program will include: 
*	41 outstanding speakers
*	26 informative sessions
*	18 leading solution providers
*	4 in-depth all day pre-conference tutorials
*	2 special Keynote Addresses 
Opening Keynote <> 

Closing Keynote <>  


There will be three of the MER's highly successful Networking
Receptions: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 


In addition to their conference notebook, every registrant will receive
a complimentary audio CD of all the sessions - so every attendee will
benefit from all the information provided in every session. 


Four outstanding 6-hour tutorials, conducted by renowned experts, will
be held on May 20th:
*	e-Mail Management . . . or Mis-Management???
*	Charting the Path to Enterprise Content Management:
	Strategy, Methodology and Architecture
*	Microsoft's 2007 Electronic Records Keeping Capabilities:
	How to Put Them to Work for You
*	Assured Records Management:
	Align ERM Performance to Business Strategy


In addition to the conference program, MER attendees will have an
opportunity to meet with the 18 Select Solution Providers
<>  who will be exhibiting
in suites at the conference hotel.
*         CA, Inc.
*         Document Imaging Solutions
*         EMC
*         FileNet - an IBM Company
*         Gimmal Group
*         Guidance Software
*         Interwoven
*         Iron Mountain
*         Interse
*         Meridio
*         Navigant Consulting
*         NextPage
*         Open Text 
*         Oracle
*         Plasmon
*         Robbins Gioia 
*         Tower Software 
*         Zasio Enterprises


Although several MER hotels are now sold out, excellent additional hotel
As of April 20th nearly 100 additional hotel rooms have been secured and
are available - most are just a short walk from the MER Conference Hotel
- the Westin on Michigan Avenue. 
For the latest information regarding hotel availability, please check
<>  or call Chris Glatz, the MER
Conference Coordinator, at (800) 200-7667 for immediate assistance in
obtaining a hotel room. 


Full details about the MER '07 conference program are available on the
web site <> . 
You can also download a PDF of the MER '07 Brochure
<> . 


There are three ways to conveniently register now for the MER '07
*	Directly online <>  (Visa,
MasterCard, American Express accepted)
*	Download a registration form
<>  from the MER
*	Use the registration form in the color brochure
The MER is a limited registration conference that has been sold out
every year. 
A record number have already registered, and early registration is
strongly advised. 


The MER's success is the result of Cohasset Associates' ongoing
commitment to having the MER be a truly exceptional professional
experience where: 
*	Consistent quality can be assured in the content of its formal
*	Real personalization is guaranteed due to the conference's
limited size and special networking opportunities 
*	Problem-solving answers are provided by the select exhibitors
that participate, colleagues you meet, and the many distinguished
speakers you will hear 
Setting the quality standard: examine the registrants' MER Conference 
evaluations and comments
<>  on the MER
Conference web site. 


If you have any questions about MER please go to the MER FAQ
<>  on the web site. 
For further information, please contact MER Conference Administrator
Chris Glatz at 1.800.200.7667 or email Chris at: [log in to unmask]

Robert F. Williams

Cohasset Associates, Inc.
3806 Lake Point Tower
505 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611 
T: (312) 527-1551
F: (312) 527-1552 
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