Egan's Greenway, Amelia Island: Near the completion of a morning's circuit of the south segment, I detected the distinctive whinny of an, out-of-place, Sora Rail soon followed by a series of peculiar clucks, burrs and chatters that could only be uttered by the, increasingly uncommon, Yellow-breasted Chat. Here was a bird that had embellished its already odd repertoire by incorporating the Sora's whinny. A bit of persistent pishing and high pitched distress whistles drew the, highly reclusive, mimic into view. Interestingly, today's Chat was but a short distance apart from a previous sighting along the same trail a couple of seasons past.   

The morning's hike took a reptilian theme with a sighting of a Black racer near the start, then two Cooters excavating nest cavities on the sandy trail near the mid point followed by a 4 foot + Cottonmouth stretched across our path. Somewhere in between we surprised a mother Opossum with her litter clasped across her back save one stray tossed off in her sudden exit. 

With the exception of mobs of Common Yellowthroat in the past few days, a smattering of Bobolink and multiple male Painted Buntings at our feeders, spring's passage has been rather unremarkable and characteristically slow here in extreme NE Florida. Rain, rain............ our kingdom for a little precipitation.  

Patrick Leary, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County   

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