An Avian Smorgasbord

8  April    Rhoden Cove
    2 Marsh Wrens singing with gusto
    an unseen whynning Sora

9 April     Robert White Williams Birding Grail
    Saw 2 disconcerted female Wood Duck near the bridge, then 2 drake nearby in the clutches of a Red-shouldered Hawk;  Later was verbally harassed by said hawk while an attendant fledgling watched with interest.  Not my favorite scenario, but that's nature's way.  Jim Cavenaugh recalls a Red=tailed Hawk taking a male Wood Duck at his backyard sanctuary (Lake Susan) on Bellac Road.

10 April    Black Swamp Nature Preserve
    A male Blue Grosbeak

12 April    Springhill Road Sewage Treatment Facility
    3 Pectoral Sandpipers
    1 Bonaparte's Gull, 2nd Winter
    1 Male Lesser Scaup.  Lingering Bird
    2 Least Terns
    200+ Lesser Yellowlegs
    9 Blue Winged Teal

                Tram Road Water Treatment Facility
    1 Bank Swallow

13 April    Faulk Drive Landing
    3 Eastern Meadowlarks
    1 Northern Harrier
    Another calling Sora, different call

14 April    San Luis Mission Park
    4 singing Vireo species

15 April    Northwood Retention Pond
    10 goslings

16 April    J.R. Alford Greenway
    20 Black Vultures, a "good number" countywise?

18 April    Crowder Landing, points left
    1 Least Bittern
    2 Singing Sedge Wrens
    2 - 3 late Swamp Sparrows

(Mr.) Gail E. Menk

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