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Dear Colleagues,
I am currently writing a chapter on the connection between
social work and social network analysis.  I am particularly
interested in tracing how social network analysis has been
introduced to social work...(so I am interested in finding
the main writers who have contributed to knowledge in this
area).  I am also interested in all current or recent
applications of social network analysis in social work
theory or practice and critiques of same.
I have been doing various library and internet searches and
have found some relevant material.

But there may be some members of INSNA who are working in
social work, of whom I am not aware.
If so, I would really appreciate your sending me references
to your work, and a brief note on your application of social
network analysis in social work theory or practice.

I will make the list available to the SOCNET list in due
If you would like further information on my request please
let me know.
with my thanks,

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