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Hi Liz,
I use Atlas-ti for coding narration (interviews transcription, etc.) 
particularly for names generation. Atlas-ti have a function to "grabb" 
network of codes (names) like a dummy diagram software but without SNA 
measures. After name generation-coding, I transfer list of 
codes-citations (report generation features of Atlas-ti than I convert 
in table) in two visualization softwares : in MindManager (each name 
with theirs narration extracts) and in NetMiner (or other SNA analyser). 
Mind Manager help me to construct qualitative analysis of network (but 
limited) and NetMiner for SNA measures (quantitative).

I don't know software integrating all that... the analyst need to have 
competence on many softwares and to make him-herself the integration... 
For me, Atlas-ti is more flexible and intuitive than Nudist-InVivo. 
Atlas-ti can also help to coding multimedia artefacts (photo, sound, 

For me, Mind Manager ( is the most user-friendly 
software. I use it since 1995 in every activities of my life (work, 
study, research, personnal, etc.).  For qualitative network analysis 
MindManager is the better because reflexive. I work also with Compendium 
( using embedded data base (data 
persistence) but Compendium don't have SNA measuring features.... My 
future researchs will certainly including enhancement adding SNA 
measuring for those softwares.

Regards, and apologize my poor english.

Diane Mercier, Ph. D.
Docteure en sciences de l'information

Liz Quinlan a écrit :
> Hi Diane;   I'm new to SNA so forgive me if this is a trival 
> question.  I wonder if you could tell me what SNA functions the Atlas 
> ti has in the version you list below?   Would you recommend Atlas ti 
> for a novice?    Or are there other qualitative softwares that perhaps 
> are less powerful but more user-friendly?  Thanks Diane!
> Liz Quinlan

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