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Thursday June 7, 2007 in Hartford, CT (specific location to be announced)
Or by calling ICR conference line:  860-278-2044 ext. 286
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1. Social Network Analysis		 			
Stephen Borgatti, Ph.D., Analytic Technologies
9:00 am – 3:00 pm , June 7th, Hartford CT
This workshop, exploring the relationships among actors in a social 
context, focuses on the analysis of network data and the consideration of 
network-informed action/intervention strategies. Participants will become 
familiar with the software packages UCINET, E-Net and NetDraw 
for visualization and uncovering structural properties of networks, 
including measuring centrality and cohesion, and detecting subgroups.  
Dr. Borgatti is a Professor at Boston College, a Senior Editor at 
Organization Science, and sits on the editorial boards of Journal of 
Management, Computational and Mathematical Organizational Theory, Journal 
of Social Structure, and Field Methods. 
Workshop Fee: $200 (regular) / $100 (student)

2. State of the Art: Integrating Software with Qualitative Analysis
Raymond C. Maietta, Ph.D., ResearchTalk, Inc.
10:00 am – 1:00 pm, June 7th, Hartford CT
This workshop demonstrates that community-based researchers can use 
qualitative software to manage and analyze multiple forms of data (text, 
audio, video and/or graphic files) without diminishing the methodological 
integrity of their work. This workshop will focus on the variety of data 
formats available for use within qualitative software such as ATLAS.ti 
and MAXqda, including episode summaries and profiles, memo writing, 
codebook and theme evolution, strategies for data review and analysis, 
and output and visual diagramming tools. Dr. Maietta is president and 
founder of ResearchTalk Inc., which provides training on all phases of 
qualitative analysis to university, government, non-profit and corporate 
Workshop Fee: $150 (regular) / $75 (student)                     

3. GIS Workshop on Mapping Neighborhoods for Community-Based 
Ellen Cromley, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, The Institute for 
Community Research
9:00 am – 3:00 pm, June 7th, Hartford CT
This workshop emphasizes GIS functions and data that can be used to 
describe neighborhoods from social, spatial, perceptual, and 
administrative dimensions in community-based research. Participants will 
learn how to integrate US Census and neighborhood data. Participants will 
receive a workbook providing detailed information and references on the 
GIS procedures demonstrated in the workshop. Dr. Cromley has conducted 
workshops on GIS for the Agency on Healthcare Research and Quality 
(AHRQ), Academy Health, and the American Dietetic Association and is a co-
author GIS and Public Health with Sara McLafferty (Guilford Press, 2002). 
Workshop Fee:  $200 (regular) / $100 (student)

4. Ethical Challenges and Guidelines in Community Based Research
Robert Levine, M.D., Yale University School of Medicine 
10:00 am – 12:00 pm, June 7th, Hartford CT
This workshop offers an introduction to ethical dilemmas in community 
based research. It will review the history and development of the 
frameworks for research ethics that are commonly utilized in health, 
social science and educational research, ethical considerations in 
partnership development, basic concepts in protection of human subjects, 
and other issues that community based researchers face. Dr. Levine is 
Professor of Medicine and Lecturer in Pharmacology at Yale University 
School of Medicine, and the author of numerous publications and is 
currently preparing the third edition of his book, Ethics and Regulation 
of Clinical Research.
Workshop Fee: $100 (regular) / $50 (student)

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