I have been birding almost ever day with tours for the last 4-weeks, I 
have seen many good birds including this cool bird. This may be the 
first photo documented report of Superb Starling for the U.S. I don't 
know if this is a good thing, but it sure is a beautiful bird! There 
were two birds together that were defending a territory, I believe that 
they were nesting in a Coconut Palm where we saw them perched. They were 
chasing other birds away from the area where they were feeding and 
possibly nesting. One of the birds was banded the other one was not.

The birds were seen in Hallandale Beach at the intersection of 
Hallandale Beach Blvd. and Ocean Drive. There is a fire station here on 
the east side of Ocean Drive. Look in the fenced empty lot left of the 
fire station. There is a parking area east of this empty lot, parking is 
around $5.00? The birds were seen feeding on the ground of this lot and 
sitting in some of the Coconut Palms.

By the way, Superb Starlings are native to Africa.

Larry Manfredi
Homestead, FL.
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