Hey Everybirdy, 
  Did a north to south run on Shiloh Marsh Road late this  afternoon.  
Shorebirds were rather sparse.  A few large flocks 100-200  birds consisting mostly 
of Dunlin and Least Sandpipers.  Handfuls of  Yellowlegs around, smatterings 
of Semipalmated Plovers and Semipalmated  Sandpipers and 2 Western Sandpipers.  
About a mile north  of Patillo Creek Road was about 7 or 8 Scaup.  From the 
looks of the  males I'd say Greater, but they were far out and tucked in.  
Between Shiloh  3 and Weather Tower Rd were 4 female Red-breasted Mergansers- two 
of which were  rather "blonde" looking.  Was interesting as I had happened to 
also find  one at work on the Cape today too.
  What has been a rather interesting stop fro me lately as  I travel through 
the refuge is a small marsh opening along SR 406 about 1/4 mile  west of SR 3. 
 It's a sort of pool along the trough that runs alongside the  road.  While 
it's usually full of water, it is now obviously drying up  and leaving in it's 
wake a rich looking soft mud and lush blanket of green  grasses.   A month ago 
while the water was still somewhat higher,  I could easily find 4 or 5 Sora 
and same number of Swamp Sparrows.   While I have found neither lately, it's 
current occupants were a nice  find:
3 Solitary Sandpipers
1 Spotted Sandpiper
1 Least Sandpiper
12-15 Bobolinks (both male and females)
8 Red-winged Blackbirds (at least!)
3 Black-crowned Night Herons (2 juveniles)
1 Wood Stork
1 Lesser Yellowlegs
3 White Ibis
2 Snow Egrets 
1 Great Egret
1 Green Heron
 I imagine the early morning hours will find Sora  there and who knows what 
else.  Shhhh, let this be our little secret  though, ok?  ;-)   

See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville,  Florida (  

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