Hi All,

Dotty Robbins & I saw the Trumpeter Swan at about 2:30 PM Thursday May 
3rd. at the usual spot. If you go to look for the bird & you can't see 
it from the main road, drive down the right hand side of the canal to 
the bridge that you can see in the distance. We found it just beyond the 
bridge.You will need a high clearance vehicle.

Wes Biggs

PS  It's a fun bird to see in Florida, but if you keep an ABA life list, 
don't even think about counting it. There is no way to tell if the bird 
is from an established population. If we knew that the bird was from MI 
it would probably be countable...... But,  another problem is that I 
don't think that ABA has ever explained the rules regarding the 
establishment of introduced & reintroduced North American species.

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