This afternoon at Lori Wilson groups of people from the Florida Exotic Plant Control had a 'scavenger hunt' for exotics.  My group surveyed the north side of the park and had no trouble locating and plotting many exotics, depressing to me since I'm been removing exotics in the park for 15 years.  The Brevard County Parks Dept. does not rank exotic removal high on the list of priorities. The most disturbing news was that a fungus moving quickly through the state is attacking Red Bays(Persea borbonia), completely killing the trees. Half the trees in the hammock at Lori Wilson are this species. 

Afterwards I looked for some birds;  numbers and species keep going down each day.  American Redstarts still the most prevalent, a couple of male Black-throated Blues, N. Parula, Cape May, C. Yellowthroat, and a female Tennessee.  This evening a Northern Waterthrush was at the pond.

There was again a large flock of Cedar Waxwings, 3 female Painted Buntings, Purple Martins.

Catbirds are starting to sing. 

Every Day a New Adventure,
Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach

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