On 29 April, I recorded approximately 30 species in 30 minutes at the Robert White Williams Birding Trail, 3 mail Scarlet Tanagers included (1 seen, 2 singing), also 28 Wood Ducks!  Best bird was a singing Swainson's Warber in the vicinity of that cottonwood tree right of the riparian way where I also heard one singing on 26 June 2005.  Has a Swanson's nested at said site during past years?

RE NESTING:  Next to my backyard steps there WAS an abandoned Cardinal nest from last sumnmer.  Recently I was surprised to notice a female Cardinal on that same nest shich now contains 3 eggs.  Of course, I can't tell if it's the same female as last summer.  Is the species known to "recycle" a nest from past years?  During a given hyear"

CORRIGENDA:  On 25 March I heard the Blue-headed Vireo singing, NOT A BELL'S VIREO as posted for Leon Sinks.  Marvin Collins, birding companion that day, must have reassesed my mental stability if he read such posting.  Also, my most sincere apologies for misnaming Michael Hartley as"Charles" H.  Michael has amassed a good number of bird records of note in The Big Bend, especially a first known winter record of a Scissor-tailed flycatcher for Leon County, Lest we forget his name.

(Mr.) Gail E. Menk

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