Hi all,

Despite living in Brandon now for over three years, I assume that I am 
the only person here who had not seen House Finches in Hillsborough 
County. I chased them all over eastern Hillsborough this winter & 
spring, missing them at every chance. This morning, my wife hollared 
for me that there were two small birds on the feeders in the back yard. 
i figured they would be Titmice, but yes - there they were - a male & 
female House Finch going to town on the large feeder! They switched off 
to a smaller feeder, but did not fly off despite our presence on the 
lanai. Hopefully they are nesting nearby and will become frequent 
visitors. By the way - they were Hillsborough County bird # 280! I love 
getting county birds in my back yard.
Good birding!


David Goodwin
Brandon, FL
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"Quick Hoatzin, the game's afoot!"
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