Hey Everybirdy, 
  Hit Viera Wetlands after work today.  The surprise  bird of the day was a 
Belted Kingfisher in cell 1.
  Watched a Red-shouldered get extremely harrassed while  trying to enjoy 
it's freshly killed Moorhen.  Purple Gallinule, Several  Black-bellied Whistling 
Ducks.  Purple Martins partying it up with  dragonflies all around.
  The north click pond is drainging quickly and the wading  birds are 
feasting.  Just a quick count of Great Egrets I stopped counting  at 200.  Equal or 
better numbers of White Ibis and Snowy Egrets.  Wood  Storks are starting to 
pile up as well.  Only found 1 lone Least Sandpiper  and 2 Spotted Sandpipers 
along with many Black-necked  Stilts.
  Meadowlarks here and there.  Nothing to speak of in  the sod fields to the 
west but a pair of Killdeer.
  At least 4 Limkin wandering around various parts of the  wetlands area 
(cells 3 & 4) and found a Northern Bobwhite calling from a  fence post as I made 
my last go around.  

See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville,  Florida (  

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