The east winds persisted and the Funnel was alive with warblers. 7 observers took my advice about not going to work and helped  count 1751 warblers!  This is  a record for one day at the Funnel since starting the count in 2001.

Bird identified;

370    Blackpoll (a one day record, but surely under-counted as clouds lessened         ID abilities)
16    Palm
150    American Redstart (second highest one day count)
88    Black-throated Blue (one day record, one observer was hoping for at least             one sighting, he was not disappointed)  
30    Common Yellowthroat
16    Northern Parula
17    Black-and-white
10    Cape May
6    Northern Waterthrush
2    Prairie
1    Hooded
1    Connecticut  (only seen by 2 of the 7 observers)


62    Bobolink
6    Barn Swallow
1    Great-crested Flycatcher
1    Belted Kingfisher
1    Northern Rough-winged Swallow
3    Spotted Sandpiper
1    Solitary Sandpiper
1    Red-breasted Merganser 

Note; The next 5 days have been predicted to have east winds before sunrise each morning. The Funnel will be active as long as the winds materialize and late migrants continue to come past.

Ken Tracey
New Port Richey  

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