Along with the couple posts below, John Murphy and I saw 6 MiKis 
on Saturday in Franklin county.  John says this was about as many as 
he's seen in Franklin, total, in a number of years.

Two of our sightings were of pairs, indicating possible nesting.

In addition, MiKis have turned up in RBAs from both Massachusetts and 
New York City (!). 

Just from these few tidbits of data, it seems they are making a 
move.  Hope it works well for them!

Dotty Robbins
High Springs 

Buck and Linda Cooper photographed a Mississippi Kite Tuesday 
morning, May 15, flying over Colt Creek State Park which is in 
extreme northwestern Polk County near the Sumter County line. 
Chuck Geanangel
Winter Haven FL
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As a follow up to Irene Hernandezís post about a Miss Kite in 
Pinellas this week, Rick Greenspun spotted one flying over the 
Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve as we were scouting that area for a 
field trip on Thursday. The kite was flying north and was a complete 
surprise to us; neither of us have never seen one that far south in 
Florida before. CBAP is in southern Hillsborough County on the east 
side of Tampa Bay.

 Jeanne Dubi, Sarasota


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