Bird Islands, Nassau Sound, Duval County:  ca 800 Red Knots frequenting the Bird Islands this morning with numerous marked birds banded in SW FL, DelBay and elsewhere along the east coast. No South American-banded birds sighted in the flock. 

One partially molted Curlew Sandpiper initially sighted amongst the knots then later foraging with Dunlin and last seen flying off to South in sound. [Bird Islands accessible only by vessel, save Big Bird Island (defunct) that is accessible from the north end of Lt. Talbot Island State Park]

One flock of 75 Common Tern aloft over Bird Islands. One pair of Gull-billed Tern briefly aloft with COTE. 

Two pair of nesting Am. Oystercatcher on Bird Islands. One pair with recently completed three-egg clutch forced away from scrape site by multiple landed vessels, several beach parties and one small dog inspecting scrape site. Second, distant pair with one new egg near, washed-out, site of prior scrape lost to storm surges and spring tides.  

Digiscope images (2) of CUSA available upon request off-list. (List host is no longer posting images)

Patrick Leary, Fernandina Beach, FL   

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