Today I tried to see if the same luck I had on Tuesday could hold another day. At lunch I found two Leach's Storm-petrels off of the north jetty at Ponce Inlet.  The winds were much reduced from yesterday. I did find one Black Tern sitting on Disappearing Island. I would try again after work.

About 4pm Dotty Robbins called and she was at the Inlet. She also found a Leach's Storm-petrel. I joined her about 5 pm, and soon David Hartgrove showed up. We scanned for about 90 minutes but could not find another storm-petrel. There were many terns feeding at the end of the jetty, about 8-10 were Common/Arctic types but they were too far out to identify. 

About four different terns came in close, some passing right beside us. All of those were Common Terns. There were some others that looked like very likely candidates for Arctics, but they stayed too far out.


Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet

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