Participants from across the country have taken advantage of the 2007 TIDE
Institute. They have hit San Marcos by storm as they collaborate and learn
technological skills to enhance student learning. After a wonderful kick
off dinner Sunday, the institute is in full swing.

It is a privilege to share this experience with such passionate and
technologically motivated educators.  I look forward to show & tell Friday
as we share how collaboration, technology, and enthusiastic practitioners
have actively created skills to enhance the educational experience of

Facilitators Dave Caverly, Lucy Macdonald, and Todd Phillips provided
instruction in Monday's workshops on topics such as creating both audio
and video pocasts, advanced multi media, online learner support, and
online tutoring.

Participants attended workshops and have began working on projects to take
back to their campuses.  TIDE incorporates both guided instruction and
independent study so participants can focus on skills and technology that
will benefit their students and programs.

Russ Hodges has ensured that everyone is well fed, entertained, and has
plenty of activity to choose from.  Today's academic events will culminate
with a refreshing Tubing adventure down the San Marcos river.

More on TIDE and the technological adventures at Texas State later.


Todd Phillips
Title III Activity Director
East Central College

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