Colleagues, I have just received from the Center for Research on Dev Ed and Urban Literacy its latest publication, Diversity and the Postsecondary Experience edited by Jeanne Higbee, Dana Lundell, and Irene Duranczyk. In it, among its many useful articles, is one on motivation, a topic that is much discussed in this listserv.

The article,"Diverse Behaviors, Diverse Results: A Motivation-Based Model for Students' Academic Outcomes," with its 110 references, is a valuable contribution to developmental education literature and one that ought to be shared at staff meetings to consider how motivation might be included or increased in learning assistance programs. 
 Bibliographic information on this article follows: 

Moore, R. (2007). "Diverse Behaviors, Diverse Results: A Motivation-Based Model for Students' Academic Outcomes"  in   J. Higbee, D. Lundell, and I. Duranczyk, Diversity and the Postsecondary Experience. Published by the Center for Research on Developmental Education  and Urban Literacy, College of Education and Human Development, 
University of Minnesota. Pp. 129-143.
If you need to find this reference later, it is in LSCHE at Resources/Articles & Presentations along with many other useful articles and presentations related to learning assistance.   Collegially...........
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