Thank you to everyone for your suggestions for related to reading software. I
will pass them along to the ARC coordinator. I had to go to the archives to
get most of these - the digest version of the list seems to miss me every few
days. In case you've missed a reply, I've compiled them following this
In answer to at least one questioner, I have adopted "MyReadingLab" (jointly
published by Longman and Prentice Hall) to use in our Transitional Reading
classes. I am hopeful that the two parts of the online program - Reading
Skills and Combined Skills (readings with questions following) - will
motivate the students more than just using textbook exercises. Since the
online program has pre- and post-testing, as well as continuous monitoring
(for instance, instructors can see how much time a student is spending on
different sections) and automatic adjustments to the level of difficulty for
both sections, I'm hoping that the continuous feedback will help students see
their strengths and weaknesses. The program also allows instructors to adjust
the levels of mastery for different activities and how many activities need
to be completed. The program will continuously adjust for each student - so
the activities should increase in difficulty as skills improve.
Thanks again to everyone who responded. If anyone knows of any additional
reading software that might be useful in tutoring/independent study
situation, please let me know

Bernadine Skowronski

Assistant Professor of Education/Transitional Reading

Union College

310 College Street, C.B. 827

Barbourville, KY 40906

Tel: (606) 546-1229


There's a K-12 product called "Thinking Reader" that uses literature; I would
love to see this approach used with higher-level books and non-fiction.  It
has five levels of support for the reading including text-to-speech at the
most basic level and guiding questions and prompts to encourage active

Susan Jones
Academic Development Specialist
Academic Development Center
Parkland College
Champaign, IL  61821


Hello!  Currently, we use a version of Reading Road Trip by Longman
publishers.  This consists of a sequence of activities focused on a specific
skill, like inferences or vocabulary in context. The context for each skill
is a landmark in the United States with readings that have, for the most
part, a historical base. The students get a code with their texts that allow
them access to this. This semester, however, I am going to pilot Longman's My
Reading Lab.  The students start out with a diagnostic test that will
generate a "to do" list for each student.  It is more of a mastery learning
approach that is catered to each student's need(s) in terms of general
reading comprehension skills.  This is a completely new format for our
reading lab, so I am going to pilot it with one section of the reading course
I teach. I can provide more information if interested.

Jennifer Gertz
Assistant Professor of Transitional English/Reading
Carroll Community College


We have started using a product called "Key to Access" (see the web page at:
<> ).

Although designed as an adaptive technology, the device helps readers become
more proficient by allowing them to scan and have the device read any text to
them as they follow along. The good thing about the device is that students
can store their documents on the device and take it with them to any
computer. Or, once the documents are stored on the device, the students can
use the device as any other mp# player and not be tied to a computer.


The devices are expensive. We are currently using them in our TRIO program
only. We check the devices out to students one semester at a time. There were
initially some technical glitches but students who use them now report good
results. We have no quantifiable data yet.



Tim Vick
Director, Academic Resource Centers
Macon State College
100 College Station Drive, L-136
Macon, GA 31206
Phone: 478.471.2057 <> 

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