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I am looking for research papers that explicitly address the (potential)
endogeneity of node-level network variables (e.g., network size, ego
density, centrality) in examining the effect of network variables on
node-level performance. I am interested in efforts to mathematically
identify the paramter estimates of network variables in such studies using,
e.g., two-stage estimations with first stage instruments for the network
variable(s). I am also interested in theoretical treatments of this issue.
In particular, I would be interested in formal structural models that allow
one to establish reduced form models for statistical estimation. I will post
a summary of the responses for the list. Thanks in advance.


Corey Phelps, PhD
Asst. Professor, Management & Organization
University of Washington Business School
Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-6579

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