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 Dear all,

About four weeks ago I posted a question about software to calculate "Blau's
index of heterogeneity". Since I received several emails of colleagues who
were interested in the results, here the outcome of my query. Thanks to
Wouter Steenbeek and Wojciech Gryc.





When you say the Blau Index, are you referring to his measure of

If so, it might be available in the newer version of Egotistics
( for old version,
for newest versions)...

Unfortunately, this program is in beta so there's still a lot of development
going on, but it's the only program I know that does it. 


On the other hand; aren't those indices easily computable via standard
SPSS syntax? That is what I currently do (for Blau's index). Thus I do
not think special software for this is necessary. (Nevertheless, I am
interested in replies you got from others)

By the way, I think Blau referred to a paper by Gibbs & Martin in
American Sociological Review (1962 I think). Everyone keeps calling it
Blau's index, though perhaps "Gibbs & Martin index" would do more
justice to the originators. ;-)


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