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Dear All,

I am currently doing my master thesis about finding trends in scientific 
communication. My work is affiliated with Dr. Detlef Schoders Department of 
Information Systems and Information Management at the University of Cologne 
( and supported  by Dr. Kai Fischbach from Cologne and 
Dr. Peter Gloor from the MIT.
We are looking for ways to obtain a large set (approximately 30 years) of 
data from the Medline database, which for example is accessible through and through many other interfaces. The data 
shall be used to create two different kinds of (dynamic) networks:
1. Coauthorship networks
2. Citation networks
In these networks, we want to find trends and trendsetters by applying SNA 
methods like calculating centrality values and by applying information 
retrieval methods on the content (article titles and abstracts). Therfore it 
is vital to get not only article titles and authors but also abstracts and 
citation data.
The current question is how to get the data which is neccessary to create 
these two networks with emphasis on the problem of getting citation data.
Has anyone of you done similar research before and could provide us help on 
how to obtain the data? Any further suggestions on how to proceed and 
related work are also welcome.

Best regards

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