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> rather than wait a few days to post in RAIN (and I'll still post
> there) thought all would find this announcement interesting

Hmm, yes quite interesting.  In a former life, we used Accutrac to
manage our off-site records stored at Iron Mountain, in part because
of access and reliability problems with their own web-based program.
It was pretty inflexible, for our needs anyway.

One of the challenged we faced was that Accutrac did not interface
with IM's software, even though we were told it would.  For some
reason, we could never get the two parties to agree on the best method
to get both systems to talk with each other.  I'm wondering if this is
going to change with the acquisition.  Who knows, maybe IM will use
Accutrac instead.

Bruce L. White, CRM, PMP
Houston, TX
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