At DCE, we've been using a Word Press account hosted on the Word Press
site to post content that is pulled via RSS and injected into our
existing site. This allows us to add or edit content without needing to
delve into any sort of markup or code. For the record, the content Word
Press account is set to not be indexed by search engines.

You can see an example of this at We use
this to publish small news bits and announcements related to DCE and its
programs and departments, but right now it's more of a test rather than
a fully operational feature. We hope to explore the possibility of
expanding its use by filtering content in different sections of the site
via tags so that we could use the same account for multiple purposes
such as information related to specific topics or areas (announcements
to UF community, news related to specific programs, departmental
announcements, etc.).

In summary, it's a relatively easy solution that doesn't involve setting
up a template or installing Word Press.

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We have been using Page Publisher at the COM for some time now with good


You can isolate which portion of the page the user can edit, thus, they 
cant "break" their pages. They now include it, but early on we modified 
our version to include TinyMCE (a text area WYSIWYG editor), so the user

didn't have to know HTML.

Also, it's pretty affordable.

Carlos Morales
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Floyd,Bruce,II wrote:
> You would need to research and implement some sort of CMS in order to
> this - not an easy task, for certain.
> If you are looking for something more immediate that you can use with
> your current site, you might look into Macromedia (Adobe) Contribute.
> The plus side is that it can be used with very minor updates to your
> current site and can be set with author / publisher privileges, which
> essentially means that nothing gets posted until someone else
> It will also protect the formatting.
> The down side is that it is a software product, which means there is a
> cost per license.
> Adobe offers Contribute for a 30 day trial.  You could at least try
> Also, if you decide you like it, purchase through UF Software -
> - for the deepest discount.  If you are using one
> of the Macromedia bundles, you might already have a licensed copy to
> use.
> Thanks!
> Bruce Floyd
> Web Administration
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> Thanks everyone for the responses.  I should have specified my
> more.  
> At the Dean of Students Office, we are looking for a program that will
> allow people that have limited (or no) experience with web design.  I
> want to know if wordpress will work well with people with no
> and allow them to change content without breaking the UF template?
> We currently have everyone using dreamweaver but with the wysiwyg
> we have had problems with people going outside of the template and/or
> just breaking their pages.  Can word press help with this?
> If wordpress will work for this I will start looking into implementing
> it.
> Alicia
> DSO Webmaster
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> Alicia,
> We use it in Web Administration for various sites (news,ufpa,insideuf)
> that
> we manage. If you do want to use it and need help in getting the UF
> template
> into it, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> On 7/12/07 10:38 PM, "Alicia M. Cosenza" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Does any one use word press?
>> Thanks
>> Alicia Cosenza
>> DSO Webmaster