Thanks everyone for the responses.  I should have specified my question more.  
At the Dean of Students Office, we are looking for a program that will allow people that have limited (or no) experience with web design.  I want to know if wordpress will work well with people with no experience and allow them to change content without breaking the UF template?
We currently have everyone using dreamweaver but with the wysiwyg editor we have had problems with people going outside of the template and/or just breaking their pages.  Can word press help with this?
If wordpress will work for this I will start looking into implementing it.
DSO Webmaster


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We use it in Web Administration for various sites (news,ufpa,insideuf) that
we manage. If you do want to use it and need help in getting the UF template
into it, please let me know.


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> Hello all,
> Does any one use word press?
> Thanks
> Alicia Cosenza
> DSO Webmaster