I'm forwarding this for Patricia Burns.

"Friday 2 dark ibises dropped down among the shorebirds. Checking the 
more brightly colored individual, I noticed it didn't have that bluish 
broken line around the eye. It was a thin brownish white line 
surrounding a red eye. They flew before I was able to study the second bird.
"The Semipalmated Plover was gone, so only 11 shorebird species & fewer 
numbers of those birds.  
"Between the Montgomery Trail & at the Boat Ramp Road location there 
were 15 Black-necked Stilts & 9 Roseate Spoonbills."

Alligator Lake is in Pranty (p. 83) and in the guide the Great Florida 
Birding Trail (Western Section).

Rex Rowan

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