Hello, All. 

I had one goal this morning: Yellow. Goal met. 

The Prairie Warblers are back at Wekiva. Hitting the
nets finally if they have been there for any time. We
banded 3 today. Those numbers will go up for the next
few months. 


It began raining as I stepped out into the pre-dawn
air and I tried to stare down the lingering clouds.
They moved on by 6 AM and the birds soon began waking.

Still hearing Chuck's and Barred Owls right before
dawn. At 6:30, I had 3 Common Nighthawks flying
together overhead and calling. Chimney Swifts were
heard later in the morning along with the usual
residents throughout the day.

It was humid, of course, but not a bad day overall.
Other birds banded:

Northern Cardinal
Carolina Wren
White-eyed Vireo
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
4 Red-eyed Vireo

The Prairie Warblers will probably be listed as Bird
of the Day but for me it will be the female
Ruby-throated Hummingbird that hit the nets as I was
doing a photo survey of the lanes. First I have ever

We cannot band hummingbirds at Wekiva so we release
them as soon as we get them out of the nets. 

Nice to have the camera at the right time!

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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