On 7/31/07, Diane Carlisle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I am mostly interested in the controls that are in place to fulfill the
> organization's responsibility to suspend the destruction of records
> affected by legal holds. Since this responsibility extends to holds that
> are "reasonably anticipated" it seems to require a more active role from
> the Legal Dept. Agree?
> While the other points several have made are related, I am really focused
> in on the ultimate responsibility to protect records from being destroyed
> if they are the subject of a hold.

Diane, from this perspective Legal needs to be intimately involved in
the process.  They should be involved in defining scope, issuing and
then communicating legal holds within the company with periodic
reminders.  RM, IT and the affected department/ BU heads should as a
minimum be notified, with the goal of tagging/segregating records that
are necessary to comply.  This needs to be a close partnership between
RM, IT and Legal.

Based on your postings, sounds like they need to create a
litigation/legal hold procedure, of which communicating and compliance
are very important pieces.

Bruce L. White, CRM, PMP
Houston, TX
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